Classroom Observations Postponed

DYSTOPIA–Dystopia College Provost Eddina Field announced that implementation of peer observation of classroom teaching has been delayed indefinitely, pending a “training period.”

Field said Dystopia is still committed to teaching observations as part of its plan to eventually allow faculty members to seek promotion to higher rank. She said the postponed implementation of the observations resulted from the administration’s fear that, despite their years of experience teaching the college’s classes (the average length of service for faculty members at Dystopia is 25 years), professors do not know enough about teaching to determine whether their colleagues are any good at their jobs.

In addition, she said, a few longtime faculty members have also expressed the concern that having a colleague observe one of their classes might reveal what actually goes on there, thus adding credibility to the student claims on Rate My Professors.

Besides that, Field said, “Some of our professors–I don’t want to name names, but particularly those in the humanities fields–aren’t very good at reducing education to graphs, charts, and statistic, and that really creates problems for ongoing assessment of our ability to determine whether our assessment models truly objectify our students.”

Copyright 2016

T. Allen Culpepper



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