Professor Questions Rigor of Classes

DYSTOPIA–Dystopia College history professor and union activitist B. K. Tracker has submitted a memorandum to Dystopia President Overly Payeed-Admyn and Provost Eddina Field requesting that they investigate the academic rigor of Dystopia College courses that are taught both on the college campus by DC faculty and at Dystopia High school by DHS personnel as part of a joint venture between the two institutions that allows high school students to get their college basics “out of the way” early.

In the memorandum, Prof. Tracker outlines a number of questions about the courses in the program, but says that his primary concern is academic rigor.  Specifically, he fears that the DHS teachers participating in the program, because of their eagerness to teach college-level courses might be approaching their classes overzealously and making them more rigorous than than those taught on the college campus. Another contributor to the problem, he said, is that whereas typically the brightest and best high school students take the core courses at DHS, professors who teach the same classes at DC “get stuck with the unprepared slackers who wouldn’t have got in if we didn’t have open admissions.” “Besides, it just makes us look bad,” he said, adding that if the situation continues, DC faculty might be forced to actually prepared for teaching their classes, “just like we did twenty years ago when I first came here!”

Payeed and Field have acknowledged receiving Tracker memorandum, but both declined to comment further at this point, saying only that they will investigate Tracker’s claims and make a statement, if one is warranted, at some future date.

Ahn der Paad, who teaches one of the core history courses at DHS, said that she has not read Tracker’s memo, but “that man is a raving lunatic, and everybody knows it.”


Copyright 2016

T. Allen Culpepper



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