Uber Task Force Appointed

DYSTOPIA–A new Uber Task Force on Task Forces and Committees has been appointed by Dystopia College Provost Dr. Eddina Field and charged  with “examining the college’s task force and committee structure and making recommendations for renaming  currently inactive committees to make them sound more dynamic and forming new committees and task forces that might have become necessary as a result of existing committees and task forces not having done anything.”

The Uber Task Force will be subdivided into the Task Force on Task Forces and the Task Force on Committees, each of which will in turn be subdivided into committees and subcommittees to ensure greater confusion and inefficiency. Field said she hopes to have all the task forces, committees, and subcommittees in place by the winter break so that they will be able to establish a calendar of meeting days by spring break.  The various groups will actually meet “further down the line.”

The Uber Task Force itself will be headed by Asst. Prof. of Psychology Sigourney Froyt, who might or might not be a current employee “at this exact moment,” Field said, but who “is certainly part of our Dystopian family.”

Field said she realized the need for the new uber task force at a meeting of department chairs, during which she asked the chairs for a list of current committees and faculty members currently serving on them, and in response, the chairs “laughed in my face, basically.”

Copyright 2016

T. Allen Culpepper


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