New Communications System Up and Running

DYSTOPIA–A vastly improved communication system now in place at Dystopia College will make it much easier for students, faculty, and staff to connect quickly with the assistance they need, Instructional Technology Director Long Way Gho announced today.

The system, known as Panic Button, will allow students and potential students unfamiliar with the college’s organization to easily gain access to student services offices such as enrollment, advising, financial aid, and the bursar. The entire campus community of students, faculty, and staff will use the system to access technical help with campus technology, such as email, online student-services apps, and the college’s online course-management system. Faculty and staff will also have access to help with facilities, maintenance, and classroom-technology issues.

The system “simplifies and centralizes everything,” Gho said. For example, in the past a faculty member whose classroom was too hot or cold would call the facilities department to request a maintenance engineer, a student wanting to sign up for courses would call the enrollment office, a member of the campus community with a computer-login problem would call the technology help desk, etc.  Now, anyone needing assistance of any kind will call one collegewide number which will access a phone menu from which they can choose from an array of options that will eventually direct them to a live operator who will put them on hold and call the person or office they would have just called themselves before the new system was developed.

“This new system is just so much better for everyone,” Gho said, adding that complaints about “confusing phone menus” and “long hold times,” are exaggerated, resulting only from everyone needing a little time to get used to using the system.”


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