College Adopts Money-Saving Printing and Copying “Solution”

DYSTOPIA–Dystopia College has rolled out a new solution for saving money on printing and copying, according to Information Technology Director Long Way Gho.

He said the college will not remove any of its twenty-year-old printers and copiers, but it will no longer keep them stocked with toner and paper, nor will it supply them with electricity.

Students, faculty, and staff wishing to use the printers and copiers on campus may gain secure access to them by purchasing an electronic access card for $25 per academic year. Having purchased a card, they will be free to use any printer or copier in public areas of the colleges, but they will need to bring their own paper, toner, and power generator.

If a copier breaks down, users will be “on their own,” Gho said, adding that the college has no plans to repair or replace defective machines.

“You no need copy so much anyway,” he said. “Bad for rainforest.”


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