Dean Investigating “Learning Styles” Conflict

DYSTOPIA–An “uncomfortable situation” that arose during a psychology class meeting this morning is under investigation by a Dystopia College dean.

The incident occurred in a section of Stem and Business Educational Psychology taught by Adjunct Prof. Bella Mindful. According to Mindful, the class was going fine until she and the students began discussing the concept of “learning styles,” but then things “got strange.”

The idea behind “learning styles” is that different students learn in different ways and that professors should try to tailor the “learning experience” to students with a variety of different styles. For example, some students might be “visual learners,” some might be “auditory learners,” some might be “hands-on learners” and so forth.

She said that during the discussion, she noticed that one student seemed to be focused on “something else.”  When she approached the student, junior Stone D. Ongress (undecided major), she observed that he was “watching porn on his laptop.” Mindful said that she “didn’t make a big deal of it at first” and just asked Ongress to close the laptop.

She said he insisted “more or less respectfully, but very firmly” that he could not do so because he is a “sexual learner” and cannot remember anything that happens in class unless he either watches pornography or masturbates throughout the class meeting. “He told me he had to keep watching unless I wanted him to ‘switch modes.’ It was just awful!”

At that point, Mindful said, she “just had to ask him to leave.”

Other students in the class said that although Ongress is “definitely at stoner–at least,” he did not appear to be “especially high” at the time of the incident.

They said he seemed “really annoyed” when asked to leave, but that he did so without further incident.

Ongress said later that he was “really interested in the class” and thus frustrated to be asked to leave, but that he meant no disrespect to his professor. “It’s just the way I learn,” he said, adding that he “did offer” to switch from watching porn to masturbating if that would be more appropriate.

Dr. Justa Kent-Teechfyve, dean of arts and sciences and bartending and barista studies, said she is still “gathering information” about the incident and doesn’t want to discuss the details until she has completed that task and met with both Mindful and Ongress.

She said that the college is “committed to accommodating the learning needs of all its students, within reason,” but that she also wants “other participants” to also feel comfortable with “the learning environment.”

She said there might be a really simple solution, such as suggesting that Ongress take the course online so that he can “do whatever he needs to do” to learn the material without distracting others.

Copyright 2016

T. Allen Culpepper






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