Desperation Book Swap Planned

DYSTOPIA–Dystopia College faculty members are organizing a Massive Desperate Emergency book swap Saturday on the college’s Hades Quadrangle (rain location: Whit A. Hellhole Auditorium) and urging everyone in the Dystopia community, as well as faculty and students from other nearby colleges and universities, to attend and “bring as many books as possible.”

Asst. Prof. of History B. K. Tracker, Asst. Prof. of English Owen Hornblower, and Asst. Prof. of Physics Maureen “Mo-Mo” Motion are spearheading the event.

Hornblower said that since the Dystopia library no longer has the budget to purchase books or the space to shelve them, and the campus bookstore no longer buys, sells, or orders book, students and faculty are having a hard time getting the textbooks they need for their classes. Although he concedes that the bookstore,s decision to stop dealing with books might be a slight improvement over its previous strategy of ordering far too few of the wrong books,  and its new eight-dollar cups of coffee aren’t bad, “there’s still a problem.”

Motion added that the books for her classes are so expensive that students couldn’t buy them even if they were available on campus, which they’re not. “By the time students pay their tuition and pay for housing, transportation, clothing, liquor and designer parties drugs,” she said, “there’s just nothing left.” She said she feels particularly sympathetic toward one student, a single mother, who had to sell one of her children to afford last semester’s textbook, which was supposed to be be good for the current classes also. “But the publisher went to a new edition at the last minute.”

Although some students have been able to find their books via online vendors and other alternative sources, those can take a while to ship, and of course no one thought to order the books in advance, Tracker said. He said that even though having the most current edition of a text is less important in his field than in Motion’s, not having an on-campus outlet for purchasing or borrowing books is “a little inconvenient” for students and professors.

The faculty members are hoping that the book swap will allow faculty, students, and community members to clear out books they no longer need while helping students and faculty who are in desperate need of books for their classes.


Copyright 2016

T. Allen Culpepper



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