Restroom-Equipment Research Funded

DYSTOPIA–A Dystopia College professor has secured funding to investigate a problem that people have been pushing and pulling at for decades.

Asst. Prof. of Mechanical Engineering Gerhard Radmeister has received a “significant” grant from the National Association for Sanitation Technology Innovation (NASTI) to study why soap and paper-towel dispensers in public restrooms never work.

NASTI President Klein-Hans Rucken said heĀ believes Radmeister is the perfect choice for this kind of research, and his organization is “extremely pleased” to be able to fund his research into this frustrating problem that “affects all of us on a daily basis.”

Radmeister said he is “thrilled, just thrilled” to have been awarded “such a generous grant” to support “truly important” research in his field.

The generosity of the grant will allow him to focus full-time on his research and thus “avoid tiresome teaching assignments.” It will also fund a lab and a team of student researchers to assist him.

According to junior Amelja Kaluza-Kaczka, one of the students chosen for the team, the project is “an amazing opportunity” for Dystopia students.

Copyright 2016

T. Allen Culpepper


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