Recruitment Under Way for Study Abroad in France

DYSTOPIA–Recruitment is already under way for study abroad in France next semester, according to Asst. Prof. of French and Philosophy Pompé S. Asse, who said he will condescend to speak with any interested students who bring him “drinkable wine and good cheese.”

Students who participate in the trip will fly to Paris, where they will enjoy a few days of sightseeing, and then travel by bus to Ville-de-Merde, where they will study French language and culture at Le Monastère de Saint-Denis à Bon Marché. Lodging cells and stale  bread with jam are included in the cost of the study-abroad package.

“I have no idea,” Asse responded when asked to describe Ville-de-Merde and the out-of-class activities students would be able to enjoy there. “I will leave that to the tour guide who will escort them on the bus trip. I will be remaining in Paris with my boyfriend. I have never been en la province. Quelle horreur!”

Interested students should contact the English and Foreign Language Dept. to make an appointment with Asse. “They administrative assistants have my calendar,” he said, “and they have been trained to screen the wine and cheese.”

Copyright 2016

T. Allen Culpepper


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