Variety of Student Research Projects Under Way

DYSTOPIA–Undergraduate Research Week at Dystopia College kicked off yesterday with the first round of presentations by students. Noteworthy presentations on opening day including the following:

Biology junior Ry Somes, under the direction of Asst. Profs. Leaf Greene and Zoe Logique, researching the use of humor in the plant kingdom. “It sounds kinda funny, but plants are kind of funny, just like animals are,” Somes says.

Pyschology senior Si Kopat, under the direction of Asst. Prof. Sigourney Froyt, researching the mental state of serial killers during the death act. According to Kopat, “Killers are the real heroes of modern America, and I am just fascinated by how their minds operate and how I can train mine to work the same way.”

Chemistry juniors Arson Boomer and Cy-Anne Idol, assisted by chemistry freshman Solo Wallflower, under the direction of Asst. Prof. Peri Odyck-Taybul (chemistry) and Asst. Prof. Herb L. Tonic (pharmacy), investigating explosive-driven dispersal of poisonous drugs. “Blowing stuff up to spread poison, I mean what could be more fun than that?” Wallflower said, adding that it’s a great opportunity for a freshman to work closely with upper-level students and professors.

English senior Rich Kidd, under the direction of Asst. Profs. Owen Hornblower and Si R. Faze, investigating the deconstructive employment of symbolist imagery and literary expressionism in socialist propaganda written in English by postcolonial latina queer women of color living in wartime Sarajevo. “With any luck at all, I will be able to write about the mechanics and politics of the writing without actually having to read any of it, since it’s total crap.”

French sophomore Michel/Michelle Mabeau-Mabelle, under the direction of Asst. Prof. Pompe S. Asse, researching the development of the expectorated nasalizations of modern French in the transgender vernacular. “Them bitches spit,” Mabeau-Mabelle clarified.

Philosopy sophomore Dismal D. Meenor, also under the direction of Asse, researching the pleasures of martyrdom in medieval France. “I don’t approve of pleasure, actually,” Meenor said, “but I do enjoy wallowing in the suffering of myself and others.”


Copyright 2016

T. Allen Culpepper





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