DYSTOPIA–A Silent Meditative Non-Event  (SMNE) facilitated by the Society for Peaceful Contemplation (SPC) merged with the energy of the International Day of Peace (IDP) at Dystopia College (DC).

The first-time  IDP SMNE for the relatively new DC student organization SPC “was what it was,” according to SPC founder and spokesperson Abdullah Ibrahim Mohammed Hakim Badr-Asim “Bad-Ass” Al-Abad, a sophomore double-major in chemical engineering and floral design self-described (on his Hkup profile_ as a vegan, pacific, skeptical Buddhist bottom, said that characterizing the non-event as either a “success” or a “failure” would “go against the non-competitive goals” of the group.

In any case, however, he would be unable to say how many people did or didn’t attend because “I had my eyes closed the whole time and didn’t hear anything because of my intensely meditative state.”  He added that he “did feel positive energy, for sure,” despite being unaware of its exact source. But, still, he said, “the dark side of the Force is strong.”

Al-Abad said he believes that, although members of the DC community might feel “powerless in the face of rampant violence and evil,” they can in fact “help balance the energy” by not killing or assaulting one another for no apparent reason. He added that those who were unable to connect with the energy of the IDP SMNE via actual physical presence can nevertheless make their own individual connection by sitting quietly in peaceful contemplation for half an hour “or even just fifteen minutes” and then “hugging a random human and/or domestic animal.”

Dr. Loba Ptomei, a psychologist and licensed counselor who services as DC’s director of mental health services (MHS), said MHS strongly supports student activities such as the SPC’s SMNE for IDP, because “regardless of one’s beliefs, or lack of them, taking time out of a hectic, anxiety-inducing schedule for a few minutes of quiet reflection can boost your personal mental-health capacity.”

Fifth-semester freshman Trig Ryder said he didn’t attend the event because “that meditation stuff kinda makes me nervous” said he nevertheless supports the SPC’s goal of making the world more peaceful because “‘Bad-Ass’ is a great guy with a good heart,” even if “Armageddon is bound to come anyway.”

Indie, student Joey DiMarco’s service cat, was in attendance at the non-event, several witnesses confirmed, but DiMarco said she was napping and could not be bothered for a comment. As for DiMarco himself, “I’m sure the non-event was a sweet idea, but I get better results from medication than meditation, and I’m afraid to close my eyes because of, you know, the aliens.”

Copyright 2016

T. Allen Culpepper





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