DC News Brief: Science Professor Advocates Developmental Education

DYSTOPIA–A Dystopia College professor believes that the college has “a dire responsibility” to provide an extensive program of development education for underprepared students before they are allowed to enter college-level courses, particularly in STEM fields, to prevent “some idiot from blowing the fucking world up.”

Asst. Prof. of Nuclear Physics and Seventh-Grade Science Remediation I. M. DaBomb said that academics opposed to colleges offering below-college-level developmental courses are “obviously unaware of the very real dangers of allowing scientifically incompetent students into laboratory situations.”

DaBomb’s research colleague, Asst. Prof. of Nuclear Physics Adam Splitz, said he has “a bit reluctantly” come to share DaBomb’s opinion.  Splitz said he long believed that remedial courses had no place on a college campus, but “a little accident” in the lab that nearly resulted in in global thermonuclear destruction “brought me around rather quickly.”

Copyright 2016

T. Allen Culpepper


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